MYbarre Workout MYbarre训练

A full body workout inspired by pilates and ballet movements combined with functional fitness training. This unique and elegant quick-paced cardio and sculpting workout is high in energy and low in impact. MYbarre是一项全身训练课程,灵感来源于普拉提和芭蕾动作,并且结合功能性训练内容。这项独一无二,又兼具优雅的塑形训练课程是高效低冲击的运动。

MYbarre will keep the heart rate up from start to finish. We use light weights to sculpt the back, arms, legs, and butt with floor work to build core strength and define abs. Barre work combines isometric exercises to allow the body to initiate deeper muscle engagement along with full body dynamic exercises to increase heart rate, while strengthening and lengthening the muslces. 从开始到结束,MYbarre会让你的心率保持在一个较高的水平上。使用轻重量,来打造背部,手臂,双腿以及臀部的肌肉线条;通过垫上的训练,来建立核心力量和腹部肌肉。Barre横杆运动结合等长练习的方式,让身体可以启动更加深层的肌肉参与发力,同时全身的动态练习提高心率,增强和拉长肌肉韧性。

With great music and energetic instructors, MYbarre is a workout for all fitness levels and body types. This style of training leads to strong healthy joints and stronger core muscles to stabilize the body, leading to improved posture allowing muscles to appear more toned, sculpted and lean. 伴随着动感的音乐节奏和热情四射的教练,MYbarre适合各种健身水平和身体形态的学员参与。这种训练方式能够使关节更加健康,核心更加强大以稳定整个身体,身体形态也会得到大幅度改善,看起来更加紧致,有型并且富有线条感。