Host a MYbarre Training 举办一场MYbarre培训

Looking to develop and educate your current Fitness Professionals? 希望提升和培训你目前的专业健身教练吗?
Want to open MYbarre classes at your facility? 希望在你的场馆开设MYbarre课程吗?
Opening a new studio? 想要新开一个健身工作室?

To host a MYbarre Instructor Training course at your studio, there needs to be a minimum of 10 participants. Studio space must be available over 3 consecutive days for 8 hours with access to a barre, mats, and a music system. 在你的健身工作室举办MYbarre教练培训课程,必须至少10人参加。健身工作室必须为培训准备连续3天共8个小时的空间,满足barre,训练垫和音响要求。

MYbarre will provide the marketing/E-flyer for the course and post on our official website, and social networking channels. All other social media communications is the responsibility of the host studio. For more information or registration interest, contact us using the form below: MYbarre为课程提供市场营销/电子宣传单,在MYbarre官方网站和社交平台发布消息。举办培训的健身工作室承担社交网络的后续沟通责任。想要获得更多信息和注册表格,请填写下方联系表格。

Host Studio Enquiry Form (complete and submit to register interest) 主办健身工作室询问表格(请全部填写并提交注册意向)