Our Team 我们的团队

The MYbarre program was created in Shanghai through friendship and a passion for dance and fitness. The founders have a combination of knowledge from all fields of exercise, ranging from powerful strength and fitness training, dance, Pilates and ballet. This profound and diverse background contributes to the signature MYbarre workout which combines the best of the best. 成立于上海,通过朋友间的友情和对舞蹈及健身的共同热情为基础,MYbarre训练方案展现出现有的独特风格。创始者们拥有来自各个运动健身领域的专业知识,从力量训练和塑形训练,到舞蹈和普拉提,再到芭蕾舞。这种深远的多样化的背景赋予了MYbarre运动的专属魅力,可谓是集大家之长。

Their mission is to inspire and continually educate MYbarre instructors in delivering an energetic, invigorating, fun and elegant workout to their students every time. 她们的使命是激励并且不断培训MYbarre教练员,每一次都能提供给学生充满活力的,令人振奋的,开心和优雅的健身运动。

Siri Nordheim

MYbarre FounderMYbarre创始者

Siri is well known in the Fitness community as a Partner and the face of Z&B Fitness, one of the most successful studios in Shanghai. She stands for positive changes and uses her lifelong passion for exercise, dance and fitness to bring out the best in her students and members. Siri作为Z&B Fitness的合伙人和形象代言,在健身界众所周知。Z&B Fitness也是上海屈指可数的最成功的健身工作室之一。她宣扬利用积极的改变,和她对锻炼,舞蹈和健身倾注一生的热情,来帮助学员们展现其最好的一面。在过去的6年中,Siri一直以来教授舞蹈,健身以及MYbarre训练课程。作为一名教练和拥有两个女儿的母亲,她始终坚持自己对自己的承诺——保持健康和活力。由于工作在最前沿,使她更加关注各种细节,促使她如何在人生的各个领域中保持卓越。

For the past 6 years Siri has been teaching dance, fitness, and the MYbarre program. As an instructor and mother of 2 girls, she has a personal commitment to being healthy, and staying active. Being at the forefront of her business allows her to focus on the details of how to excel in every area of her life.

Ann MacLellan

MYbarre FounderMYbarre创始者

Ann has been a Group Exercise Instructor for over 17 years. Coming from a background in competitive figure skating competing at UK National Junior Level, combining elegance with power and strength to music comes naturally. In the last 10 years training for different sports (mainly focused on triathlons and half marathons) has set her fitness challenges to another level. Ann作为团体课程教练长达17年。有着英国青少年级别竞技花样滑冰的背景,伴随音乐优雅又兼具力量的姿态,一切都得到自然的表现。在过去的10年间,通过尝试不同的各种体育运动项目(主要为铁人三项和半程马拉松),使得她将竞技水平提升到一个新的高度。她很快意识到她所从事的运动项目,通过结合普拉提,瑜伽和barre对核心和平衡能力的训练,使她能够更有效地发挥其他运动对速度,灵敏性及力量的要求。自从将barre纳入到她自己的训练体系中,Ann自身体态和核心力量得到了极大的改变,这使得她更深刻地了解到平衡训练和barre的益处,可以惠及每一个人。现在,她运用其丰富的团操课程知识,帮助激励和培训其他的教练,获得更好的训练结果。

She realized fast that her sports training required speed, agility and strength, and performed more effectively when she combined her workouts with core and balance work through Pilates, yoga and barre. Since introducing barre to her own personal training, Ann has made huge changes to her body shape, posture and core strength, which gave her a better understanding of balanced training and the benefits barre can have on anyone. She now uses her extensive knowledge of group exercise instruction to inspire and educate other instructors to deliver great results.

Ginny Domlija

MYbarre Core - Master TrainerMYbarre核心课程,高级培训师

Ginny is from the USA and has resided in Shanghai for 10 years. She switched from her full-time role as Business Consultant to Fitness Trainer 5 years ago embarking on a mission to inspire and motivate others to move better and understand their body. To further her knowledge in anatomy and movement she studied and qualified in the Polestar Pilates method, specialising also in Reformer Pilates and Pre/Post Natal clients. Ginny currently runs her own Pilates Studio and teaches classes within Z&B fitness. She is a Master Trainer for the MYbarre Core program launching in 2018. Ginny来自美国,移居上海已有10年之久。她从5年前的全职商务咨询顾问,转变成了一名健身培训教练,开始了她的事业之旅,影响并激励他人更好地运动并且了解自身的身体。为了精进在解剖学和运动学方面的知识,她学习并且获得了北极星普拉提方法的认证,特别针对普拉提床和产前/产后体适能训练有需求的客户。Ginny目前经营她自己的普拉提工作室,并且在Z&B Fitness教授课程。她是2018发布的MYbarre核心课程计划高级培训师。