Become a MYbarre Instructor 成为一名MYbarre教练

Learn how to inspire, motivate, and lead others safely and effectively through the MYbarre program with our 3 day comprehensive Instructor Training. This is an open learning environment delivered in person by our MYbarre Master Trainers. It includes a mix of practical master classes, theory workshops, small group exercises and class teaching practice presentations. 为期3日的MYbarre教练培训课程,你将学会如何更加有效和安全地引导你的学生完成MYbarre训练。这将是一个开放式学习环境,由MYbarre高级教练员们亲身教授。课程包含了一系列实践性高级课程,工作坊形式的理论课,小组练习以及课堂教学技巧演示等。

You will receive 你将会收到

  • A MYbarre Instructor Manual 一份MYbarre教练手册
  • A MYbarre Choreography Manual with detailed pictures and teaching instruction 一份MYbarre编排手册,里面附有详细的图片和教学说明
  • Access to video material and sample classes 能够获得和观看视频资料和样板课程
  • The course will cover: 课程涵盖:

  • Teaching correct body alignment and postures 教授正确的身体顺位和姿势
  • The basic elements of ballet,Pilates and fitness training covered in a MYbarre Class MYbarre课程中关于芭蕾,普拉提和塑形训练的基本元素
  • The importance of music,beat,flow and voice in teaching 教授课程中音乐,节拍,流动性和声音的重要性
  • Basic moves and choreography breakdown for all sections of class 课程中各部分的基础动作以及编排内容详解
  • Using MYbarre props and studio equipment 如何使用MYbarre道具和健身工作室用具
  • How to format and design a MYbarre Class 如何构思和设计一堂MYbarre课程
  • Teaching advancements,modifications and giving corrections. 高级教学指导,动作变体和纠正动作